Recording studio technique, multi track editing  Studio acoustic , principle of analog & digital mixer Dynamic, condenser, cordless mic  Multi – channel sound card, speaker , amplifiers Music post production software , post production techniques Recording, editing, automation,  effect processing  Mixing, dubbing, midi recording,  mastering, track arranging  Music loop arranging, vst plug-in , mastering

Digital Film making

Introduction of Digital Video technology Process of film making Concept, story idea or plot Script writing, shooting, editing Directing and exhibiting Basics of Film Making Direction techniques Different formats Documentaries Advertisements & commercials Music albums, TV Serials and films, Script Analysis, Camera & Lighting techniques, Music recording,  sound effects and editing. Pre Production, Actual Shoot & Post Production. Creation & Content Development right

Video & film editing

Introduction to film & video system, Techniques of motion picture, Film format & aspect ratio, Analog and digital camera Signal processing, Composite, component, s-video Color theory, Video standards PAL- NTSE- SECAM Off line & on line editing , Capturing ,Clips & bins system setting , Editing, dubbing, voice over Background music, Key framing, Chroma, Effect processing Rendering, Titling, Color correction,  Color filter  Mixing & mastering


Basic acting techniques Different types of moods Action and emotion camera facing trick Language command acting with voice emotion Pronunciation Dialogue Delivery & Timing film Dubbing, voice modulation Voice parameter exercises For throat script study different types of script Documentary Commercial film Lip sync language command open minded Confident and motivation


Techniques of voice modulation sound Acoustics And voice parameter lite Classical music training, Raga, karaoke singing in studio exercises for throat Singing with track different types of song classical semi classical, pop , Rock, gazal, bhajan foke lip sync, language command acting with voice Emotion pronunciation   song delivery & timing with tempo,studio singing 


Technique of voice modulation Sound acoustics &voice parameter Exercises for throat script study different types of script like add, Documentary , Cartoon film ,commercial film, Narrations lip sync, language command acting with voice emotion ,pronunciation Dialogue delivery and timing with film dubbing